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Month: March 2018

Lenten Journey

Lenten Journey

This March we are full swing into Lent. It is a time of reflection as Jesus makes his way toward the cross. The number 40 is a significant number through the Biblical Story, a symbol of struggle and transformation. 40 days and nights of the flood in Genesis with Noah. 40 years in the wilderness with Israel and Moses in the Torah. And of course, Jesus’ 40 days in the wilderness facing temptation.

As we experience Lent this year, I realize that many of us are going through our own wilderness and trials. With health, finances and family circumstances. God walks with us through it all. This Lent on Wednesday evenings, we will encounter the voices and experiences of people who knew Jesus through dramatic monologues. These moments from the Gospels will help us see Jesus as a friend and teacher. As human and one who cares for us deeply. My prayer is that you will experience Jesus in new and profound ways this Lent. 

Every year is unique and different. This year Lent has me thinking about our journey as a congregation toward the Cross and the Resurrection. We can’t have resurrection without death. Resurrection is a change. It can be a change in perspective or a significant change in life. Every person goes through moments of change. As Christians we are called to live a daily dying and rising. Death is a normal part of life and we try our best to trust God in it, because we know that we have hope in the Resurrection. As a community of believers we are also called to a continual dying and rising. People leave, programs change or stop for various reasons and yet God sends us new people, new ideas, new ways to begin.

Questions to ponder this Lenten Season:

  • What does dying and rising look like in your daily life?
  • What are we holding onto that needs to be let go of?
  • How do we properly say goodbye to the people and things in our life?
  • Do we ignore the pain of loss rather than share it? Do we listen to others in pain?
  • What does sharing pain look like positively? Negatively?
  • What are the new things that are happening? How do we embrace them with joy? With sorrow?
  • In the midst of everything, do we trust God?

These are big questions! Let’s explore these together. I’d love to hear from you. God is in the midst of it all.

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