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Month: November 2016

The Wolf of Gubbio, a Parable for Our Times

The Wolf of Gubbio, a Parable for Our Times


St Francis lived a memorable life. He has numerous stories that can provide some wisdom for us.

The Wolf of Gubbio is a story from a collection of St. Francis Stories called “The Little Flowers.” Excuse my paraphrase.

Once in a village called Gubbio, a ravenous wolf caused much terror and fear. It was eating livestock to great excess and would attack and eat travelers coming to and from the village. St. Francis having heard of this enter into the woods to preach and urge the wolf to repent of its evil deeds. The wolf came close and started to attack but St. Francis making the sign of the cross said “Brother Wolf, in the name of┬áChrist stop this madness” The wolf stopped. St Francis was gentle and humble as he continued to preach to the wolf about all the havoc he caused. He petted this wolf and somehow convinced it to stop. He acknowledge that the wolf was indeed very hungry but was going about feeding his hunger in the wrong way. He made a promise the village would provide for the wolf’s hunger if the wolf repented at behaved himself. The wolf agreed by giving St. Francis his paw. The wolf lived for several more years and bothered the village no more. It is considered a great miracle.

Let us look to St. Francis and preach to “the wolves” among us. Be humble and gentle. Help them to understand the pain they have caused. Listen and try to understand their pain. Feed them with the love of Christ and love them as Christ commands us. Let them hear the Gospel of Christ and be transformed.

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