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Month: October 2016

Christian Atonement Liturgy

Christian Atonement Liturgy

Dave Webster

 Seminary, I did some personal study on Jewish Liturgy. I also participated in Jewish Worship and attended a Yom Kippur service. Out of this came an effort to re-examine the Confession Liturgy and make it more robust and connect with the Old Testament message.

I found numerous passages that speak of God’s grace in the Psalms and the Prophets. I used the 10 Commandments as a frame to make 10 confessional petitions. I also tried link this liturgy with the tone and symbolism Yom Kippur is meant to have. Yom Kippur has this wonderful tone in which you confess all your sins of the year in an effort to be free and start the new year clean.

Please feel free download and use it. I ask that you make some effort to attribute this work when you can. Enjoy.

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