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Easter and Our Calling

Easter and Our Calling

Disciples fishing
renzo dionigi
Disciples fishing

Reflecting on Easter, it must have been hard for the disciples to transition from the whole Crucifixion and Resurrection. I mean look at how there were locked up in the room and Jesus revealed himself to them.(John 20) But I don’t think the Disciples quite got it until Jesus met them on the beach and again invited them to ministry. (John 21)

I think what gives me hope is that during times of transition that Jesus comes and re-invites us to Kingdom work, that new call, (yet familiar if you look at him calling the disciples from their jobs as fishermen. Luke 5) the call from the Resurrected Jesus is one that is eternal a call for a new life.

Read the stories in the bible. What do you think?

To Romania and Back in 48hours:Epic Fail

To Romania and Back in 48hours:Epic Fail

My trip to Romania came and went in 48 hours.I went with from friends Rachel and Eric. The trip there was ok until we went to rent the car. We had problems. Basically the car failed to work and we had to pay for a new clutch. BOO!!! Basically all our plans were shot and it was Easter, which meant that our options were limited for alternatives so, we decided to head back home. We walked a lot. We didn’t have the time to take pictures because we trying to make arrangements to get back to Tisovec.

So I Present to you Travel Poetry Challenge. One of the few things good that came out of the trip. We had lots of time to kill on the train. Each poem is based on a challenge and written during our long travels on the train.

A Haiku By Eric

This haiku sucks balls
Big, huge hairy sweaty balls
It’s quite natural

Baseball Limerick By Mark

Mark McQwire
Went for a driver
He was home run king
But Bonds got a sting
With the drugs he did acquire

Acrostic by Rachel

We are the best, the
Happiest, the most
Inspired, the
Tisovec superlatives – and we
Never would have
Even known it without

Haikus about Goats and Sheep
Goats By Rachel

They have square pupils
Little tufty, beards and horns
Devils in disguise

Sheep By Mark

Bah they always say
Wool and cheese and stupid too
Wandering on hills

Thoughts on Red Headed people in General by Eric

Gingers have red hair and so no soul
Thus they want to eat your brains

A rhyming poem about “The Highlander” By Mark

He is Duncan McCloud of the clan McCloud
He likes to scream aloud
When he’s going to chop off a head
Just before bed
Immortal is he
So he can’t flee
From the death that is abounding

4 lines
2 lines about someone you like and 2 about someone you don’t like
By Rachel

What’s not to like about you?
You’re so smug, supercilious , I can’t stand it
You turned down the chance to prove me right
I hope you never get the chance to prove me wrong

An ode to favorite food at the school Bufet By Mark

Oh Hot Dog s horcicou how I love thee
My mouth water when you are with me.

3 lines 3 moments in History by Eric

A friends betrayal, a bloody knife, the beginning of strife leading to a fall.
Two bombs are dropped, a war is stopped, but he world changes forever
A fall day, two towers sway, American Cry and many ask why

Poem about Muppets by Mark

Animal, Boober, Camilla*, Deeter, Ernie, Fozzie, Gonzo, Harold*, Inchworm, Junior, Kermit, Lenny, Miss Piggy, Nigel, Oscar, Pops*, Quongo*, Rolf, Snuffleufagus, Tarantula*, Uncle Deadly*, Whaddaya Say Bird* , The Letter X*, Yorick*, Zeke
*Internet help after the fact

Quote from Kids TV show by Rachel

“It’s so simple, even Ed can do it”
“cause I’m Simple” -Ed, Edd and Eddy

Poem with starting line from a song by Eric

Sheep go Heaven, Goats go to Hell
Scotland is neat because of sheep
Central Europe where they pile their trash in heaps
Budapest Sucks, Tisovec is swell.

Thoughts on Public Transit by Eric

Public Transportation slow and often stinky
But without it I quess we couldn’t travel so far and wide-sky

Random Anecdote from the last few hours by Rachel

Smugglers always keep their shoes on
Our sock-clad feet prove us guileless

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