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So Here I am in Slovakia

So Here I am in Slovakia

Mark Molter
Vrbovce Church

Here is my latest Newsletter for you reading Pleasure. If you are interested in seeing pictures here is a link to my Flickr page

Ahoj (Pronounced ahoy and it means hello)

Here is my very first newsletter from Slovakia. I want to first thank all of you for all your support with prayer and financial support. I wouldn’t be able to have this opportunity to serve the Lord without you. Please continue to pray for me and the other young adult volunteers around the world.

I have been in Slovakia for about 5 weeks now. The first week I spent in Bratislava taking care of paperwork and taking the opportunity to see many of the sites.

It was interesting being the only guy in a group of 7 girls. 3 of them were volunteers from the ELCA and the other 4 were from Germany. During our stay, The Slovak Parliament was open in celebration of the signing of The Slovak Constitution on Sept 3rd, 1992. It was fun seeing the pride the Slovak people have in their government as well as seeing them celebrate their cultural heritage at Bratislava castle nearby. We were able to see many folk dances, music, and handicrafts. This first week in Slovakia was exciting and an interesting experience just seeing the immediate similarities and differences between American and Slovak culture. Here are a few things I noticed that were funny or interesting:

  • -A Sign for Mexican Food at McDonald’s in Slovak, It struck me that Globalization is more real than I thought it was.
  • -Hamburgers are just not the same in Europe
  • -We were told the American Embassy wanted to have whereupon wall built around it but, the Slovak Government wouldn’t let them.
  • -American Music is heard everywhereSlovak it didn’t feel like we were in Slovakia yet
  • -Slovak Superstar is just as funny as American Idol, if not funnier
  • -The Slovak crown is rough, for 24 crowns but, prices are about the same or more expensive compared to American prices.

The next 2 weeks were in Velky Slavkov which is in the middle of the country near a city called Poprad (about 3 1/2 hour train ride from Bratislava). It was a beautiful place to study Slovak with the Tatras Mountains in the background. We had time during the week to travel up to several places including a waterfall and Štrebske Pleso (Pronounced Shtrebsky Pleso) which is a large Glacial lake and has skiing in the winter. We stayed at a Christian retreat center and spend 6 hours a day having Slovak lessons.

The Slovak language is more difficult than I originally anticipated. I have learned some basic sentences and grammar. The grammar is difficult to grasp because every word has many different forms depending on how it is used. So, my basic grasp of Slovak is going to take awhile. I am learning to catch what people are saying despite how fast seem to speak. For the time being, I will share with you some words that I have learned and maybe extreme helpful if you are in Slovakia.

  • Ano- Yes
  • Nie- No
  • Dobré- Good
  • Dobré Rano- Good Morning
  • Dobré Deň- Good Day
  • Neviem- I don’t know
  • Nerozumiem- I don’t understand
  • Neviem po Slovensky- I don’t know Slovak
  • Som z Americky- I am American
  • Som hladny– I am hungry
  • vlak– train
  • Kde je Vlak- where is the train?

So after spending that time studying Slovak, I traveled by train to Vrbovce where I was greeted by Pastor Miroslav. He speaks some basic English and I can understand him ok. We arrived in the village whereupon immediate arrival I was invited to an older gentleman’s 60th Birthday party in the building where I will be living. It was quite a shock. I learned Slovaks are very generous people. I got a delicious soup and then dinner. And of course wine, they kept on insisting I drink more but, I had to stop at 2 glasses. Speaking of food. Slovaks eat a lot of bread, potatoes, and pork. The biggest meal of the day is Lunch and usually includes soup then the main meal. Lunch can sometimes be sweet which might include sweet dumplings with cocoa on top. Breakfast consists of fresh vegetable when available and sometimes lunch meat… ok back to where I am living.

The building I am living in is the old church school building, it is beautifully decorated with gold and white and resembles an ornate castle. They have many social functions on the 1st and 2nd floors. On the 3rd floor where I am living there is an apartment where the Seminary Intern Zorka lives, she is very nice and knows a little english. There is a music studio and a spare bed room. Then we have a fitness room that leads to 2 bedrooms. 2 german volunteers from another organization are there and I have the other room. All in all it is not a bad place to stay.

Most of my time in Vrbovce has been spent doing various bits of handiwork around the church and the old school building. I spend a few days putting grout in on a sidewalk. We also pick-up lunches and deliver them to elderly members of the parish every weekday. One day a week I help with english class at the local school. I also with be giving music lessons on drums or guitar. I am learning and reminding myself I am working for the lord in every task I do, even if it is boring or apparently minor. I know the Lord wants us to please him and serve others by doing our best in everything we do. I am also hoping to learn slovak from the interaction with the kids and build some relationships through all the work that I am doing.

We have been fairly busy most sundays with traveling from one place to another so I have had few chances to attend a Slovak language church service. It is very interesting to see the similarities and differences. They general order of the service is the same from what I can understand and figure out. We share many of the same Hymn melodies. One sunday we traveled to another Church in Bukovce where they were installing a near Pastor. I met a member of a church from Bratislava there who spoke english his name was Marian. I was asking some questions about the church service I pointed out the difference in liturgical robes. Slovaks wear more Academic black robes with white lace covers from Martin Luther’s academic tradition, which I thought was interesting. That sunday they also had a women’s fellowship which was hosted in Vrbovce. This of course met there was fun and food. I was able to meet and talk to people in the little slovak I knew. One thing about living in the old school building is whenever there are social functions there are leftovers and they usually save some for the volunteers.

So that has been my first couple of weeks in Slovakia. I am doing well and living by God’s grace daily. Everyday is a learning process. Before I end my newsletter I would like share a bible verse with you.

“Whatever you do or say, let it be as a representative of the Lord Jesus, all the while giving thanks through him to God the Father.” 

Colossians 3:17

As Christians we are called to be Ambassadors for Christ wherever we are, whether that be in Slovakia, teaching, playing soccer, or working in an office. We are called to live in Christ with everything we do. You may not feel called to do anything special but, all believers are called to be Christ wherever they work and play and that is a our great gift and responsibility.

God’s Peace be with You,
Mark Molter

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