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Another update

Another update

Oh, Mexico! It sounds so simple I just got to go!
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Well It’s that time again. My second link update. The meal to the right looks fantastic. Nothing like Daiquiris and Mexican Food.

Sometimes in my thoughts on various articles and links I pose questions to you the readers. Please feel free to comment on my blog. Discussion is always a good thing.

Here are my top 6 links from this past week. Enjoy. — Mark

  1. HK’s draw for pregnant Chinese

    It seems like there might be trouble in China. Is it the right of the state to punish people who have more than one child? How would this effect people in the US. The issue of pregnant women going to Hong Kong is very similar to immigrants coming to America to give birth. If you were a Chinese politician what would your response be?

  2. instructables : Invisible Book Shelf

    This is one of the coolest book shelves I’ve seen. Definitely worth making your own for kicks. It might just be the next trend in decorating.

  3. NPR : False Apologies

    You know sometimes you get that feeling like people aren’t actually sorry. Should we forgive them anyway? Apparently somebody did a study and now we can be better judges of character ourselves. Interesting to think that sincerity can be measured and studied. I think that is all boils down to, What is the person’s heart. In the end God is the judge. We should forgive not based on the other person’s sincerity but because it is the right thing to do.

  4. Traces of Ancient Village Found Near Stonehenge – New York Times

    This is a really cook discovery of village ruins near Stonehenge. I’m anxious to see what archaeologists discover and if these will give us greater insight into Stonehenge itself.

  5. How to Feel Like Eating Breakfast First Thing in the Morning – WikiHow

    If you ever need to know how to do anything this would be the place to find out. This particular entry has fantastic information not just on breakfast but, learning about and making the most of your daily eating habits.

  6. No exemption from gay rights law

    The Heat is building between Gays and Catholics about adoption in England. Is it right for the state to impose laws that say Catholic adoption agencies can’t discriminate gay couples wanting to adopt? Conservatives in the US will be all over this. What is your opinion? My humble opinion is that a church organization has every right to deny services if it conflicts with its beliefs in this cause homosexuality as a sin. Gay couples don’t have to go through a catholic organization. Therefore the State should not enforce such demands unless the organization receives funding or is controlled by the state.

stop. think.

stop. think.

stop. think.Originally uploaded by Sarcasmo.

Sometimes it is important to take a moment to stop and think. It seems like my life is going through alot of change and I’m reexamining many things in my life. I would like to share with you some blog entries that made me stop and think.

The first entry by Jr Woodward talks about Dreaming and having a vision for your church, organization and life. He dares us to dream big and dramatic so that real change can occur.
Dreaming or Dying: Start Dreaming

The other entry I read was really a 2 part from the Out of Ur blog. It details reflections some christian leaders had after attending the Sundance Film Festival. It is important not to preach to the choir and purposefully gain insight into the perspectives of those we are trying to reach. These Reflections are inspirational and thought provoking.
Sundance Film Festival: Report 1
Sundance Film Festival: Report 2

Top 5 Del.ic.ious of the Week

Top 5 Del.ic.ious of the Week

Since I’m basically starting over. I’m going to be posting my Top 5 Del.ic.ious links every week with some notes on why I chose them. And of course a picture of something “delicious” to eat as well.


  1. Cross issues- Looking At Issues From A Christian Perspective This is My Podcast and Blog about how Christian should be looking at Various Social and Global Issues. I Feel like Christian should take a greater stand when it come to global and social issues. My goal is to have interviews with people how are passionate about certain issues and to get reader feedback. Please consider taking a look and participating.
  2. photos you like better: you are what you like Self Analysis by choosing pictures. This is an interesting and fun site. You basically choose between 2 different pictures. After making several choices it makes an observation about your personality. It is fairly accurate most of the time.
  3. Superman – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    Superman is one of my all time favorite super heroes. Wikipedia is my favorite source for random facts and info. What more could you ask for.
  4. NPR : A Priest Dispenses Blessings on Mexico’s Cars
    Apparently the Driving in Mexico is so bad people feel the need to get their cars blessed. It is things like that that help grow faith. Who knew bad traffic with could help people come to Salvation.
  5. The Cubes? – Job Title Generator
    Ok so everyone knows Job Titles are made up. Why not have a computer randomly make one for you. This site is hilarious. The Cube toys remind me of Office Space. Check out the Office Zombie Collection.
A New Beginning

A New Beginning

Will Weaver
Blazing Sunrise

As with all things, things change. They often change unexpectedly. For Example: my entire blog entries for the past 6 months. Gone! Deleted! No more! Needless to say I’m frustrated.

On the other hand this is an exciting time for me to start again. To start fresh. Things seem to be doing that for me lately. Like the Fact that I was “Let Go” from my job. I still need to find work but, I feel more free about deciding to take a step toward to doing year long mission work.

Yup, life is full of new beginnings. I’m gonna make the most of this one!!!

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