Top 5 Del.ic.ious of the Week

Top 5 Del.ic.ious of the Week

delicious cake
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Since I’m basically starting over. I’m going to be posting my Top 5 Del.ic.ious links every week with some notes on why I chose them. And of course a picture of something “delicious” to eat as well.


  1. Cross issues- Looking At Issues From A Christian Perspective

    This is My Podcast and Blog about how Christian should be looking at Various Social and Global Issues. I Feel like Christian should take a greater stand when it come to global and social issues. My goal is to have interviews with people how are passionate about certain issues and to get reader feedback. Please consider taking a look and participating.

  2. photos you like better: you are what you like

    Self Analysis by choosing pictures. This is an interesting and fun site. You basically choose between 2 different pictures. After making several choices it makes an observation about your personality. It is fairly accurate most of the time.

  3. Superman – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Superman is one of my all time favorite super heroes. Wikipedia is my favorite source for random facts and info. What more could you ask for.

  4. NPR : A Priest Dispenses Blessings on Mexico’s Cars

    Apparently the Driving in Mexico is so bad people feel the need to get their cars blessed. It is things like that that help grow faith. Who knew bad traffic with could help people come to Salvation.

  5. The Cubes™ – Job Title Generator

    Ok so everyone knows Job Titles are made up. Why not have a computer randomly make one for you. This site is hilarious. The Cube toys remind me of Office Space. Check out the Office Zombie Collection.

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