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The world turns rather fast sometimes.

The world turns rather fast sometimes.

Sign for Embassy of Slovakia

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OK so I haven’t updated in awhile. I apologize for that. I do have some exciting news, actually it is quite a lot of exciting news.

So After applying to do Global Mission work in February I was accepted. I then attended a weekend event in April where I interviewed for several countries. I now know I will now be going to Slovakia. This is really exciting. I will be spending a year in Slovakia learning the language and spreading the love of Christ. It will most definitely be a challenge. Related to this is that this past weekend May 12th, Washington DC had an event where a large majority of the European Union nations embassies were open to the public. I was able to visit and see the Slovak Embassy and meet the Ambassador.

The other exciting news is in June I will be starting summer camp. I will be a camp counselor at Caroline Furnace. This is a new experience for me and I am psyched about it. I will have plenty of fun in the outdoors teaching and leading kids. This is a great opportunity to prepare me for my service in Slovakia.

On a lesser note I found a job until camp starts. I was looking for one for quite awhile. I am working back at Professional Healthcare working in the Personal Care department. It is interesting and harried work. I am learning just how much our healthcare system needs improvement and realizing that many immigrants who come to our country work very hard for little pay. We complain all the time about but many things these hard working people do we wouldn’t even think about doing for the pay they receive. I am learning and understanding a different side of economic divide that many being overlook.

Well that’s all the news I have at the moment.

Tangy and Sweet Update

Tangy and Sweet Update

i keep tarts in my room
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Well it has been awhile but, here my Picks for this post. The picture is some pineapple tarts. A little sweet and alittle tangy but oh so Good. Much like life. Enjoy!!!

Life Explained in Diagram form
This Blog is interesting and hilarious. Using various forms and charts to depict observations of life. They are funny because they are true.

Youngest Premature Baby Born
A baby was delivered premature by about 4 months. The earliest on record. This will definitely raise debate and concern about the abortion issue.

India and Pakistan unite to condemn train bombing
In wake of tragedy it seems this event might be doing some good. India and Pakistan were affected and vowing to work more closely to prevent further violence. It makes me think how easy it is for us living in America.

Top 12 Movies in History That Were Ahead of Their Time
Of course I’m a huge movie fan. This list is definitely worth looking at. You can’t always go by the Oscar Awards. Sometimes films gain more favor after they hit the limelight. We are often left wondering does Art imitate life or does life imitate art. I think it is definitely both.

British, U.S. kids worst off in industrial world, UN says
Worse off, we think we have it all. Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to see the truth. Maybe the US needs to do a little reevaluation of its values.

More links

More links

Nederlands Kampioenschap Latte Art 2005
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Once again I bring some of the websites and other things I have been checking out this past week. For those of you not in the know, the photo to the right is of Latte Art. It is an interesting trend in the coffee world and requires alot of skill. This particular Latte looks Delicious.

Ok I got distracted, now to my links. I hope you enjoy.

  1. Maria Full of Grace (2004)

    This is a moving film about the drug trafficing and how it effects real people. It is amazing how stereotypes shape the world we live in. It also shows are easily people can get into the drug scene. This movie was in spanish and really helped draw us into a world we know little about. As a christian I feel movies like this help us realize the world’s need for christ and helps break assumptions that prevent us from sharing.

  2. 50 Coolest Websites

    Nothing like time magazine to tell us what is important in history. Take a look at the list.

  3. The Voice of Hibakusha | The Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki | Historical Documents |

    Interviews with Atomic Bomb survivors. How easily we can forget things that had such a large impact. We often hear about events that happen so often we forget the real impact. These interview a touching and remind us how events in history really effect people. Becuase I’m from a generation that did not experience this event. It reminds how important it is to remind and stress the impact things have on our lives today.

  4. Global Warming and Population – Global Issues

    This is some data woth reviewing on comparing population with the global warming issue. Read the research and decide for yourself

  5. Atheist in Massachusetts Beware

    Amazing how laws can become outdated as society reinterprets them. Apparently there is a law in Massachusetts that Blasphemy is worthy of Jail. Atheist beware. Should they take it off the books or keep as a reminder to see how much change has occured in society?

Another update

Another update

Oh, Mexico! It sounds so simple I just got to go!
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Well It’s that time again. My second link update. The meal to the right looks fantastic. Nothing like Daiquiris and Mexican Food.

Sometimes in my thoughts on various articles and links I pose questions to you the readers. Please feel free to comment on my blog. Discussion is always a good thing.

Here are my top 6 links from this past week. Enjoy. — Mark

  1. HK’s draw for pregnant Chinese

    It seems like there might be trouble in China. Is it the right of the state to punish people who have more than one child? How would this effect people in the US. The issue of pregnant women going to Hong Kong is very similar to immigrants coming to America to give birth. If you were a Chinese politician what would your response be?

  2. instructables : Invisible Book Shelf

    This is one of the coolest book shelves I’ve seen. Definitely worth making your own for kicks. It might just be the next trend in decorating.

  3. NPR : False Apologies

    You know sometimes you get that feeling like people aren’t actually sorry. Should we forgive them anyway? Apparently somebody did a study and now we can be better judges of character ourselves. Interesting to think that sincerity can be measured and studied. I think that is all boils down to, What is the person’s heart. In the end God is the judge. We should forgive not based on the other person’s sincerity but because it is the right thing to do.

  4. Traces of Ancient Village Found Near Stonehenge – New York Times

    This is a really cook discovery of village ruins near Stonehenge. I’m anxious to see what archaeologists discover and if these will give us greater insight into Stonehenge itself.

  5. How to Feel Like Eating Breakfast First Thing in the Morning – WikiHow

    If you ever need to know how to do anything this would be the place to find out. This particular entry has fantastic information not just on breakfast but, learning about and making the most of your daily eating habits.

  6. No exemption from gay rights law

    The Heat is building between Gays and Catholics about adoption in England. Is it right for the state to impose laws that say Catholic adoption agencies can’t discriminate gay couples wanting to adopt? Conservatives in the US will be all over this. What is your opinion? My humble opinion is that a church organization has every right to deny services if it conflicts with its beliefs in this cause homosexuality as a sin. Gay couples don’t have to go through a catholic organization. Therefore the State should not enforce such demands unless the organization receives funding or is controlled by the state.