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Taste of Slovakia and some Original Tunes

Taste of Slovakia and some Original Tunes

Installment 1 of AV-Club

Featuring a Taste of Slovakia with 2 Slovak folk songs
and 2 Original tunes from yours truly enjoy

Original Tune 1: I’ve got Everything to Lose

You said your Kingdom is like a pear
worth more than anything I got
And I will lay down All my Treasures
just to have a taste of what you Got

I’ve got everything to Lose
I’ve got everything to gain
and its all for you (X2)

I feel at times I’m in the desert
My soul it hungers and thirsts
You said you’re living bread and water
And I will eat and drink of you

You said I’ll have a cross to carry
You said I have burdens to bear
Sometimes I don’t really want them
and its more than I can bear

Original Tune 2: Little Bitty Love Song

Life’s a mess oh I know
I just want somebody to hold
I’m as crazy as can be
I’m lovestruck, that’s what you see

I’m hopping, hoping and moping
that you, would fall in Love with me (X2)

When you walk in my stomach’s a flutter
and my heart it melts like butter
OH babe I’m sweet on you
I’m in a sugar rush or two