My trip to Romania came and went in 48 hours.I went with from friends Rachel and Eric. The trip there was ok until we went to rent the car. We had problems. Basically the car failed to work and we had to pay for a new clutch. BOO!!! Basically all our plans were shot and it was Easter, which meant that our options were limited for alternatives so, we decided to head back home. We walked a lot. We didn’t have the time to take pictures because we trying to make arrangements to get back to Tisovec.

So I Present to you Travel Poetry Challenge. One of the few things good that came out of the trip. We had lots of time to kill on the train.¬†Each poem is based on a challenge and written during our long travels on the train. Read More →

This is funny little song I wrote as a joke for one of my friends. She is always complaining cause her tailbone is out of wack from a accident a long time ago. She talks about it all the time. She is one of the coolest people I know, and she likes the song despite of it making fun of her. Enjoy!!!

disclaimer…I have her permission to post this song as long as I don’t mention her name. So, don’t ask who it is…it will remain an inside joke.